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Sunrise and sunset


Who hasn't experienced that very special moment when the sun's rays illuminate nature for the first or last time in a day?

On the Dachstein the atmosphere is very special at the sunrise and sunset: You can savour this unique natural spectacle over deliciously fragrant coffee and a hearty breakfast or a romantic fondue.

Sunrise Breakfast & Sunset Dinner DACHSTEIN

Our sunrise and sunset dates are already over for this year - the dates and prices for next year are still being planned.

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sunrise breakfast dachstein

from July until September

The sunrise trips, which take place in summer beginning in July, are your chance to experience the moment of the sunrise on the Dachstein glacier. 

The glacier restaurant team prepares an ample buffet breakfast, which provides plenty of energy to enjoy the Dachstein's great attractions including the suspension bridge, the stairway to nothingness, the Ice Palace and the Sky Walk.

The sunrise breakfast can be booked for July to August

Sunrise breakfast prices 2023 Adults and youths Children
Ascent and descent plus buffet breakfast & attractions € 89.50 € 62.50

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