Glacier Sights & Attractions


© Christoph Huber
Ice Palace Views inside the Dachstein glacier!
Sky Walk A spectacular view with a few thrills!
Dachstein panorama gondola - The Dachstein | © Photoguides
Panorama Gondola "Convertible feeling" and the perfect view!
UNESCO World Heritage The Dachstein - a UNESCO World Heritage site!
Dachstein Suspension Bridge - The Dachstein
Suspension Bridge Better views in every direction!
Stairway to nothingness - The Dachstein | © Gery Wolf
Stairway to Nothingness 400 meters above the Dachstein massif!


In June 1969, the current Dachstein glacier gondola was opened for the first time. This was the foundation for the impressive success story of one of Austria's most popular excursion destinations.

The reopening of the completely renovated and modernised mountain station in 2024 marks the start of a new era on the Dachstein Glacier.

The new attractions are also increasingly focussing on the global, regional and local contexts of the unstoppable progression of climate change. This is the only way we can understand the diverse effects on people, nature and the environment.

Half Dome Globe 

The Half Dome Globe right in the waiting area at the valley station of the Dachstein Glacier cable car impressively conveys the fact that climate change is a global phenomenon that affects not just individual regions, but the whole world.

The spherical installation uses an interactive projection to show you environmental data, scientific figures and content from social media in real time.

APPtauen Dachstein glacier

The interactive screen APPtauen Dachstein Glacier shows you the progressive effects of glacier melt and visualises key findings about the changes to the Dachstein glacier in an impressive way.

You can see that the climate change taking place is not just theoretical, but has a real impact right where we live.


Through the digital telescope in the brand-new glacier restaurant, you can see a specific point on the Dachstein glacier where the glacier has changed over time as a result of climate change.

Viewed through the telescope, the glacier retreat is revealed at the striking entrance to the Rosmarie tunnel- a place that has become increasingly difficult to access since the end of the 20th century.


In the Dachstein mountain station area, you will see the impressive art object Energy Crystal. This 2,995-millimetre construction made of Corten steel was created under the artistic direction of Michael Gletthofer from Mürzzuschlag.

On the one hand, the special energy that the Dachstein glacier has always exerted on people and nature as a massive mountain serves as inspiration. On the other hand, the focus on sustainability and energy efficiency through the 1,000 m² photovoltaic glass façade, which generates 80% of the energy required for the mountain station itself.

The Dachstein Glacier is a majestic natural wonder in the Austrian Alps, whose impressive ice landscapes and rugged peaks have a deeply spiritual and energising effect on visitors and the surrounding nature.

Be inspired by its unspoilt beauty and pure alpine air!

Your perfectly planned Dachstein day ...

...starts with the "convertible feeling" during the ascent on the roof of the new panorama gondola and then continues with the stunning views from the Skywalk and the Dachstein suspension bridge. At the  stairway to nothingness visitors experience the feeling of hovering above "infinity." In addition, you can enjoy a mystical world of ice in the Ice Palace before recharging your batteries in the Dachstein glacier restaurant and once again savouring the dachstein UNESCO World Heritage site during the return trip down the mountainside on the gondola lift !

The Special Highlight: SUNRISE AND SUNSET

An exceptional range of gastronomic delights combined with an incomparable view – this is what the Dachstein glacier restaurant, situated alongside the Dachstein gondola mountain station, has to offer.

And on top of its lofly setting and the superb views, the restaurant has another unique feature:

the border between the federal states of Styria and Upper Austria runs straight through it.

A particular spectacle is the sunrise and sunset on the Dachstein.

Be there in person, enjoy this unforgettable moment and allow us to tantalise your taste buds:​ 

  • Sunrise breakfast
  • Sunset fondue