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Ice Palace


The Dachstein Ice Palace is a seductive and mystical world of ice and snow deep inside the Dachstein glacier.

Marvel six meters below the eternal ice at the exhibition Up the Mountains!

Created in 2007, the Ice Palace astounds visitors with intricately detailled carved figures, ice pillars & a crystal dome.

The Ice Palace is just a three-minute walk away from the mountain station of the Dachstein Glacier cable car and is open daily.



  • The Ice Palace can only be reached via the suspension bridge!
  • Good shoes and warm clothes are recommended for the visit!
  • Dogs are not allowed on the suspension bridge, the stairway to nothingness and in the ice palace!
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The Dachstein Ice Palace - a special natural jewel and also a symbol of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable tourism.

In the current exhibition, which was designed together with La Strada Graz and the Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz, visitors can follow in the footsteps of the Alpine explorer Friedrich Simony and take a look at the many facets of the glacier together with him.

Friedrich Simony was the first glacier and ice age researcher in Austria. His observations of the Hallstatt Glacier, known in his day as the "Karls Ice Field", which lasted five decades, are of particular importance. His graphic and photographic documentation makes it possible to follow the retreat of an Eastern Alpine glacier with rare accuracy. 

The 14 stations of the Ice Palace provide numerous facts and figures on glacier development, background information on glaciology and insights into life in the ice.

Previous exhibition: UP TO THE MOUNTAINS

In 2022 the exhibition covered an icy journey - up to the mountains!

Our ice palace team, consisting of Hans Böhmer and Peter Strassegger, has been working diligently on the completion of the ice figures together with the sculpture team around Michael Bachnetzer.

The journey through the eternal glacier ice begins at the first T-bar lift and leads the visitors via the climber, who climbs the Dachstein for the first time, to the summit cross with mountain greeting. A mountain biker or an ibex are also carved in detail from ice.

Of course, the anniversary "50 years Planai-Hochwurzen Bahnen" with its own stadium under this motto was also included!

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