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Planai Weather Forecast The detailed weather forecast for the Planai Planai Weather Forecast Weather










More ... Our weather information is updated daily. Unfortunaly the text is only available in German. But we hope that you can understand the basic weather information in our weather-graphics.




min. -7°
max. +11°

Am Karfreitag werden die Wolken wieder mehr, später am Nachmittag beginnt es zu regnen oder zu schneien.




min. -5°
max. +12°




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Breathtaking Skiholidays around the Dachstein

Breathtaking Skiholidays around the Dachstein

Snowy hillsides, long descents and a panorama which makes the heart beat faster – that is skiing in Ramsau am Dachstein. The Dachstein is a UNESCO world heritage site and with the new ski routes around the highest mountain in Styria, guests can enjoy this unique paradise for a whole day.

Crossing the Dachstein

„Austria’s National Ski Tour“, is considered one of the most beautiful Ski Tours in the Alps. You start your tour in almost 2.700 meters above sea level at the Styrian side (mountain station of the Dachstein glacier lift). The goal is at the Upper Austrian side in Obertraun. Austria’s national ski tour is the most spectacular way to experience the UNESCO world heritage site - the Dachstein. You will cover a distance of over 20 km, mainly descents. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to cross the Dachstein glacier, of course there are options to stop in between and have a rest. To give you strength at the beginning of the tour, you will have the option to enjoy a tasty breakfast at the Dachstein Glacier-restaurant with amazing views. At the moment, the Dachstein Crossing can only be undertaken by experienced ski tourers with touring equipment (no trail). There is no shuttle service available in Obertraun at the moment. You should enquire about returning by train in advance.

UNESCO Panorama Tour Dachstein

The absolute highlight for everybody! Enjoy the winter paradise around the Dachstein at its best. Leave your car at bottom of the Rittisberg and get a transfer with the shuttle bus before going up to 2.700 meters with the Dachstein panorama gondola. Undiluted, natural fun in the snow will wait for you on the glacier. At the Dachstein Sky Walk as well as on the Dachstein suspension bridge you will experience breathtaking wide and deep views. In the Dachstein ice palace, you will get plunged in a mystic world of ice and snow. Directly from the valley station of the Dachstein lift, the tour will lead you to the Adler-lift. From there you will ski across a skiing trail to the Zauber-lift and back where you have started your tour, at the Rittisberg.

INSIDER TIP: Every Tuesday, free guided UNESCO Dachsteinpanorama tour including ski guide. For this tour it is necessary to register at the tourism office Ramsau am Dachstein. Valid ski amadé pass required. Without guest card the tour will cost € 35,-.


At this high-alpine ski tour you will experience the incredible pleasure to be high above the clouds. This guided tour will bring you from the Dachstein-glacier through the karst area and to the Guttenberghaus. Enjoy the most beautiful side of the winter, with a fantastic view. From the Guttenberghaus you will ski through the snowy descent towards the Feistererhof, where you can gain strength after this extensive tour.

Powder Tour

Experience the most known descent of the Dachstein area: The Edelgrieß-descent. Fine Powder, steep descents and a unforgettable ski adventure. The tour will lead you to the Adler-lift across a skiing trail, which is located at mountain pastures and back to your starting point, the Rittisberg. For those who still haven’t got enough of the fine powder from the Edelgrieß-descent, there is another highlight to come. The descent across the “Brandriedel”, there you will have an amazing view over the snowy houses and roofs of Ramsau. This descent will bring you directly to the “Zauberlift” and to the starting point, the Rittisberg.

Please be always aware of the current avalanche situation and the alarm level for avalanche warnings: 


max +9°
min -7°
max +11°
min -7°
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320 cm - pulver
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