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Then just give us a call: +43 3687 22042-800 (Dachstein ticket offices)



How does the reservation work?

- Reserve the desired time of ascent/descent per visitor online
- Print or store your reservation confirmation
- Arrive at the Dachstein valley station at the time reserved
- Obtain your ticket at our ticket offices or present your reservation with your Summercard
- Enjoy the Dachstein!

A reservation system for the gondola was introduced in order to deal with the huge influx of visitors over the summer months.

Therefore you must reserve both your ascent and descent BEFORE your trip on the Dachstein.

What is the reservation valid for? 
Your reservation shows your time for entry to the gondola. The ticket for your cable car trip must be bought separately either online or on site at the ticket offices

I already have a valid ticket for the Dachstein (eg.: Season ticket or Schladmin-Dachstein Summercard). Do I need to make a reservation anyway?


Do I need a reservation for my dog too?

How much does reservation cost?
Reservation is a free service, enabling you to enjoy a stress-free glacier visit.

Can I change my reservation again before arrival?
The number of people may only be changed by one person subsequently. To change the date or time your reservation must be cancelled and resubmitted.

Where must I present myself?
Please come directly to the valley station at your reserved time and have your reservation confirmation and ticket ready.

How much time should I schedule for arrival?
From Salzburg approx. 90 minutes.
From Schladming approx. 40 minutes.
From Liezen approx. 80 minutes.
We advise that you use a scheduled Ramsauer Verkehrsbetriebe bus www.rvb.at. On busy days the parking spaces along the Dachstein road will be used. We recommend that you allow an additional few minutes.

I'm going to be late – what should I do?
If you are going to arrive after your reserved time, we will endeavour to accommodate you in one of the next gondolas. In this case waiting times are to be expected.

Help, I've lost/forgotten my reservation confirmation!
Reservation is only valid with confirmation. If you are unable to present this confirmation you will forfeit your reservation entitlement and a new time will have to be reserved on site.

Help, I can't print my reservation!
Please inform our employee at the entrance on the day of your visit about your reservation number and reservation time.

I can’t make my reservation time. Is cancellation necessary?
Please cancel in good time if you cannot make your reserved time.

I have a group, how can I register?
Group registrations are only possible by telephone or email: office@planai.at, +43 3687 22042-130.

What is the recommended length of visit on the Dachstein glacier?
2.5 hours: Sky Walk, suspension bridge, Ice Palace round tour
4 hours: Sky Walk, suspension bridge, Ice Palace inc. hike to the Dachsteinwarte
The team from the Dachstein glacier restaurant is also looking forward to your visit!

Why was a reservation system introduced?
In recent years the Dachstein has become one of Austria’s most popular destinations.

As a result, waiting times for the gondola, which has a limited capacity, have become longer. We endeavour to make the most valuable time in your year, your holiday, as pleasant as possible, so we decided to set up the reservation system so that you would be spared long waiting times. You choose a day and reserve times for your ascent and descent. This means you can comfortably plan your arrival,relax and enjoy your day on the rooftop of Styria.